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On January 22nd 1999 our flagship wellness brand Zotrim was born. Since then it has been seen in high street stores across the world. Including Boots, Tesco, Holland & Barrett and many more.

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100% natural fat burner for women, that fires up your metabolism and curbs food cravings.

Made with only the most effective, natural ingredients to quickly and safely fuel your weight loss. Trimtone contains only the good stuff straight from mother nature.  No fillers, no fake-stuff, and absolutely, positively no nasties. What you see is what you get.  


The clinically proven appetite suppressant

At Zotrim, the goal isn’t to help you lose weight. It is to help you reach a healthy weight and keep it off for good. This commitment to helping you become the best version of you is the reason why thousands of satisfied customers trust and choose Zotrim.


PhenGold is loaded with fat burning ingredients clinically proven to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

PhenGold is transforming the lives of thousands of dieters, packed with catechins and caffeine it increases your metabolism and suppresses your hunger.

Zeta White

Gentle. Safe. Natural. Helps lighten skin the natural way to have visibly fairer, more radiant complexion. suitable for use anywhere you would like to see lighter skin, including elbows, knees and underarms.

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Clinical Research

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